When you think of Nutana, you think of beautiful character homes on streets lined with verdant trees that touch the sky. One of Saskatoon’s first neighbourhoods, Nutana has more than a century of history, mixed with 21st century innovation, architecture, and style. People drive from across the city to get an ice cream cone and walk along its streets, gazing at the houses or the stunning riverbank. But the real difference in Nutana is the community. Your neighbours know your name. Heck, even strangers will smile and say hello as you walk past.

And the soul of Nutana is Broadway Avenue. Where there were once empty, grassy plains near a flowing river lies the bustling, thumping heart of the city. Artsy and eclectic, Broadway is where ideas run freely. People head to Broadway for both business and pleasure, moving up and down the street, some with plans and purpose, some smiling, strolling, and sipping a coffee. They may not even consciously hear the music that’s carried on the breeze, but they feel it.

Broadway Avenue is home to some of the best locally-owned hotspots in the city, and its proximity to both downtown and Riversdale means that to live in Nutana is to truly be right in the middle of it all. Every major festival and event. All the best restaurants, live music and theatre. The best shopping in the province. World class facilities like The Remai Modern. And sublime vistas like the riverbank and the charming bridges that span it. With all that and the wonderful people that make up Nutana, it’s no wonder it’s one of the most sought-after communities in Saskatchewan.



Amigos Cantina

Restaurant/Bar - 806 Dufferin Avenue
CBC Radio named it one of the best live music venues in Canada, and The National Post called it one of Canada’s Best Restaurants; Amigos is a neighbourhood institution that celebrated its 30th birthday in 2018. It’s a laid-back spot, where everyone from musicians to business people head for lunch or after work drinks. In the evening, it’s a family-friendly joint to grab a beer and have dinner. From a variety of burritos, nachos, and other Tex Mex favourites, to burgers and fries or a salad, Amigos is a down-to-Earth, relaxed spot to hang out. After dark, when the kiddies go home to bed, it turns into an amazing live music venue, where bands and musicians from all over the world come to play.  

Broadway Café

Restaurant/Bar - 814 Broadway Avenue
An institution on Broadway for over 30 years,  Broadway Café lets you take in the atmosphere of a  50’s style diner while enjoying a burger and a milkshake – voted the best in Saskatoon. James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, black and white checked tables, seating at the red counter. Breakfast all day. So popular the morning after the night before, you may have to wait in line. The portions are generous. The food is great. Staff as energetic as the décor. Sit back and watch the action on Broadway, right outside the window.


French Cuisine - 721 Broadway Avenue
Whether you’re popping in for one of their delectable desserts or enjoying a meal, Calories is about more than food. It’s about using local, sustainable, and seasonal ingredients. It’s about serving fare that’s inspired by great French cooking, while abandoning all the pretentiousness that can come along with that. A date with your spouse? Brunch with the ladies? Dinner with your business partner? Tea and dessert with friends? Calories is all that and more. 

Christie’s Il Secondo Bakery and Pizzeria

Bakery and Restaurant - 802 C Broadway Ave
It’s hard to say what grabs your attention first when you walk through the door of Christie’s. It might be the authentic Neapolitan pizzas, hot out of the forno oven. Or it might be the sight of baked artisan goods like desserts, pastries, and breads (the brioche is to die for). They also serve Italian-inspired coffees, a bit of beer, and a selection of sandwiches and other fare. You can get your goodies to go, or you can sit in their lovely, white-tiled atmosphere while you gaze out the window at what’s
happening on Broadway.

The Yard & Flagon

Pub - 718 Broadway Avenue
Every neighbourhood has its local and Broadway’s is The Yard & Flagon Pub. In Saskatoon, this is the closest you’re going to get to the cozy look and warm feeling of a real European pub. Pull up a chair for lunch or dinner, where you’ll tuck into some comfort food that’s deceptively good for ‘pub grub,’ because it’s usually made from scratch. Pull a pint, pour a glass of wine, or sip a scotch from their extensive menu, and sit back while great
conversation flows like beer from the taps. Get there early on Saturdays in the summer, because the heated rooftop deck is wildly popular. With its grand fireplace and its view of Broadway, the deck at the Yard is one of the best in the city.

The Better Good

Lifestyle Store - 714 Broadway Avenue
The Better Good carries a variety of different things, but what they really sell is peace of mind.  When you shop there, you can feel good about buying organic, fair trade, local, recycled, and natural goods. Home Décor, clothing, books, body care products, kids’ stuff, cleaners, coffee, chocolate, and more. With unique gifts and products you won’t find anywhere else, The Better Good allows you to live your best life, while still caring for the Earth and your community.

The Bike Doctor

Cycling - 623 Main Street
If you’re into cycling, The Bike Doctor is your main hang out, a stone’s throw from some of the best trails in the city. And if you’re not into cycling yet, well, they can hook you up. They’ve been selling and repairing bikes in the neighbourhood since 1986. But this isn’t just a place where they sell things you pedal – it’s a haven for advice and conversation, where they eat, sleep, breathe, and live the philosophies of good cycling.


Shoes and Clothing - 616 10th Street East
For almost three decades, Brainsport has been the go to destination for Saskatoon’s running community. Founded by runners, for runners, the experienced staff offers expert shoe fitting and friendly advice. Brainsport provides a welcoming environment for novice runners to marathoners, walkers to tri-athletes. A longtime presence in the Broadway area, its running club has been a frequent sight in the neighbourhood and on the trails, rain, snow or shine. Gear for every season, colour for every taste, fit for every person, as long as the ultimate goal is to move.

The Broadway Theatre

Community Theatre and Arts Centre - 715 Broadway Avenue
Originally opened in 1946, The Broadway was a popular post-war destination for Hollywood movies and live performance. In the 70s, the area was in decline and the theatre turned into a seedy adult cinema. But times have changed, as they always do, and these days, The Broadway Theatre is a community-owned theatre where you’ll not only see some of the world’s best films, but also a variety of live arts, culture, and concerts.  

The Bulk Cheese Warehouse

Specialty Meats, Gourmet Cheese, and Fine Foods - 732 Broadway Avenue
Right on Broadway and 10th, at the heart of Broadway, is The Bulk Cheese Warehouse. With a stunning array of cheeses from all over the world, and even fresh salads, pastas, and sauces, it’s the first stop for entertaining. Plus, their in-house butcher comes in handy on a hot summer day. When you’re planning to BBQ, you have to grab some of those delectable cold smoke steaks.

The Clothes Café

Clothing - 644 Broadway Avenue
Hip and stylish, The Clothes Café has long been one of the leaders in casual fashion in Saskatoon. Brothers Mike and Chuck opened the store in 1991, and one of them is usually around to give you great customer service and advice. Their shoppers are looking for fresh styles that go well with a day off and a pair of sneakers, so The Clothes Café stays ahead of the fashion curve to keep them looking sharp. 

One Yoga

Yoga - #4-527 Main Street
One Yoga is a vinyasa studio that prides itself on being inclusive. You’re welcome to practice with them, no matter your age, ability, gender, race, or religion. Vinyasa classes offer a variety of poses, so no two sessions are ever the same. At One Yoga, you’ll seek your inner peace or just get a good workout.

Outter Limits

Clothing - 630 Broadway Avenue

The Saskatchewan winter is a harsh mistress, but if pioneers could live in houses made of sod, we can get by, with help from Outter Limits. Maybe you love the outdoors, travelling and hiking. Or maybe you just want a toasty warm North Face jacket to wear on a walk. They’ve got everything from jackets to footwear to tents to…let’s just say, if it helps you work or play outside, Outter Limits is the place to find it.